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Futian Machine Tool specializes in R&D, production and sales of CNC gantry machining centers.

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GMC27 Series Fixed beam gantry machining center

Product description

GMC fixed beam CNC gantry machining center quipped with milling,boring(drilling, expansion, hinge), tapping, countersink and other processing functions. For the different characteristic of customers, optional Full closed loop optical scale detection system, tool center cooling function, ATC robot hand style, automatic workpiece measurement, tool automatic measurement,4 axis linkage processing and other functions, customers can enjoy excellent cost-effective configuration, satisfied with the intimate products. The products specifications and configuration of the leading domestic products structure and technology is mature, product quality and stable, machine torque, fast response characteristics, suitable for automotive, mold, aerospace, packaging, hardware and other mechanical processing needs.


Main technical parameters


Project Unit GMC27 Series
Model   GMC3027 GMC4027 GMC6027 GMC8027
Table size Max capacity kg 12000 15000 18000 25000
X/Y/Z travel mm 3000/2900/1100 4000/2900/1100 6000/2900/1100 8000/2900/1100
Dragon width mm 2760 2760 2760 2760
Working table mm 3000×2300 4000×2300 6000×2300 8000×2300
T-slot number No. 11 11 11 11
T-slot size/pitch mm 26/200 26/200 26/200 26/200
Hard milling
Drive mode(optional)   (350×350)Squart ram
Spindle speed rpm 10-6000 10-6000 10-6000 10-6000
Motor power kw 22/26 22/26 22/26 22/26
Distance from spindle nose to table mm 300-1400 300-1400 300-1400 300-1400
Spindle taper   BT50 BT50 BT50 BT50
Spindle diameter mm Φ190 Φ190 Φ210 Long nose
Tape specs   P50T-MAS1-G
Feed drive X/Y/Z Shaft moving speed m/min 12/12/10 12/12/10 12/12/10 12/12/10
X/Y Rail (roller) mm 55 (X axis) 3 roots
55(Y axis)2 roots
55 (X axis) 3 roots
55 (Y axis) 2 roots
55 (X axis) 3 roots
55 (Y axis) 2 roots
5 (X axis) 3 roots
55 (Y axis) 2 roots
X/Y/Z ball screw diameter mm 63/63/50 80/63/50 100/63/50 With screw support
Accuracy Positioning accuracy mm 0.021 0.021 0.021 0.021
Repeat accuracy mm 0.02 0.02 0.02 0.02
ATC(optional)   Automatic tools changer
CNC system   FANUC/Mitsubishi/Siemens
Net weight T 40 55 75 95


Standard accessories

FANUC system

Water tank cooling device

Automatic lubrication

Outer shield

The spindle taper vent blower

Hold the air gun

Control electrical cabinet


Electrical cabinet heat exchange

Hand pulse generator

Working lamp

Three-color warning light

LCD monitor

Tools, toolbox

Operation manual

Spindle oil cooler device

Electrical cabinet air condition

BF/ZF gearbox


Optional Accessories

Disc-type mechanical magazine

Automatic tool changer (robot)

Spindle center effluent system

Disc type oil and water separator

CNC rotary table(4th axis)

Full closed loop optical scale detection system

Automatic tool length measurement system

Manual/semi-automatic right angle head

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